Kindle for Mac

Kindle for Mac syncs your reading progress between your tablet, iPhone and laptop.

You can also customize Kindle for Mac with different colors. But the best part about Kindle for Mac? You don’t even need a Kindle to read books. You can simply use the app to turn your devices into a Kindle e-reader.


  • Take your Kindle books with you
  • Sync to the furthest read page .
  • Load up with books and more
  • Sample Books Before Buying
  • Easily shop for eBooks and read the first chapter for free before you decide to buy.
  • Read Free Books
    Read thousands of free books including popular classics like The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and Treasure Island.
  • Borrow Library Books
    Go into your local library to check out an eBook, and have it delivered wirelessly to your Kindle app.
  • Read Magazines & Newspapers on Android devices
    Read magazines and newspapers with high-resolution, vivid color images on Android devices. You have the flexibility to buy a single issue or a subscription.

Just try it! Explore the secret to optimizing your Mac with very simple and intuitive steps.

Kindle for Mac
Kindle for Mac
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